IIM Travel


IIM Travel short for Insight International Management, is a fresh start of a company for 2 like-minded individuals who possess unique talent and skill set.
Our headquarters is strategically based in Miami, FL with ability of servicing Corporations and Travelers from all 50 US States and Territories.
We are proud to be able to assist our travelers in multiple languages fluently in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

At the core, IIM Travel’s Hyper-focus is to consistently provide superior service. Surpassing our esteemed client’s expectations in every opportunity with superb itinerary, pricing and benefits from our partners/vendors. This is all made possible by our belief in a humbling concept “H2H” (Human-to-Human) relationships that many of our clients can attest too.

IIM Travel utilizes advanced Travel Data Management & Analytics tools to help our “B2B” partners make intelligent decisions regarding Travel Spend, Travel Policy, and Traveler Behavior with the goal of a successful T&E program.

All of our Travelers and Clients can expect to be connected at all times to a knowledgeable and experienced Travel Consultant for all reservations and a highly analytical and data driven Account Manager.



IIM Travel by your side you can be at ease that every dollar spent will come with perks! We want you to “Double Dip” as much as possible, from recommending the best Reward Travel cards, Corporate Rewards programs with Airlines, Hotels and Car Rental agencies.

Airlines allow points to be redeemed for Upgrades, Elite Status, Day Lounge Passes as well as offsetting full tickets cost regardless of the destination.

Hotels allow accrual for free nights, exclusive member rates, room upgrades, faster check ins, breakfast credits, and amenities.

Car Rental allow accrual for free rentals, upgrade vehicles, expedited services and extra bonus points to help you earn more with each rental.